Some information about Custonaci

CUSTONACI, municipality in the Trapani province situated along the coast of the Gulf of Bonagia.

The town, with a population of 5,500 inhabitants, is situated on a small, rocky hill on the slopes of Mount Cofano, and gives the visitor a sense of finding themselves in a living nativity scene. It is not by chance, therefore, that every year during December a live nativity scene is celebrated. It takes place on the slopes of Mount Cofano, inside a large cave where ancient rural houses are built, and there yonder all the old crafts and agricultural skills of a past time are brought to life once more. They give life to a ‘population’ of men, women and children capable of re-enacting a show of the daily lives of a simple and hard-working people devoted to working the fields and the sea. The town’s economy is no longer centred around fishing and agriculture as it once was, but on the extraction of marble of a high quality and colouration, in high demand on the world market.

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