Some information about Erice

ERICE, a municipality of the Trapani province, is situated on a mountain (751m above sea level) on the extreme tip of Western Sicily.

It is an area which, including the Erice valleys, covers 48km² and has 28,500 inhabitants. The town, which is located on the slightly sloping top of the mountain, is the testimony of an ancient medieval village. it is capable of communicating to the tourists the art, culture and history of the Elymian, Carthaginian, Greek and Roman populations. They are all linked to the worship of Aphrodite for the Greeks and Venus for the Romans. The Castle of Venus still exists today and is often shrouded by a dense fog. It was a symbolic place which was visited by sailing populations originating from every part of the Mediterranean.
The narrow, winding paved streets represent a unique and prestigious carpet. The small courtyards and luminous, blooming alcoves between the Erice properties allowed refuge and defence against the elements and piracy. The ancient buildings of the aristocrats which have been built over the centuries show various architectural styles from the Gothic to the Baroque from the bright mountain to the Renaissance.

Erice, known as Eryx to the Greeks and Romans, is a city of science today and is home to the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture directed by the scientist Professor Zichichi. Living every day of the year in such a wonderful town, with an open and friendly population, turns a stay into a long holiday.

Real Estate Erice

90.000 €

Area: 400 sqm
1 1
110.000 €
 In Via Carvini ERICE an ancient apartment, habitable from -1650-