The ESATE AGENCY of G. MAZZARA offers its collaboration in:

  • Brokering the buying and selling of properties (houses, villas, land etc.)
  • Property valuations (houses, villas, land etc.)
  • Feasibility valuations on property investments
  • Client assistance in the drafting of buying and selling offers, buying and selling agreements, mortgage services and services companies
  • Consultation on behalf of the client for building permits (regulatory municipality plans)

The BUILDING CONSULTANCY OFFICE of O. MAZZARA, Surveyor, offers its collaboration in:

  • Planning, renovation, conservative restoration, direction and assistance for building work
  • Planning the construction of Eco Homes
  • Energy certificates and building permits
  • Cadastral services: layout and elevation surveys, property inheritance services and other services related to the office of freelance Surveyor.

To conclude, the Sicily Investimenti office makes use of external collaborations with professionals in the sector (engineers, geologists, lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, construction businesses and services companies).